Using Less Water With Bath Bombs

Being mindful of the shortage of water in most households following record below average rainfall over past months, Bath Bombs would seem doubly extravagant. Here’s a couple of ways to enjoy Bath Bombs using less water.

1. A Foot Bath.  Treat your feet! I’d go a Minty Bomb or Lavender bomb. A great way to relax & sooth your hard working feet. Leaves them soft moisturised & soothed. Try using cold water in very hot weather to help cool the body. You don’t need a lot of water to enjoy a foot bath plus you can use it on the garden afterwards. Probably best not to pour directly on the leaves.

2. Kids Bucket Bath.  It’s fun in a bucket, you can tell by the cheeky grins!  Kids love the fizz & bubbles of a bath bomb.   A 20lt bucket is a great way to bathe littl’uns. The beauty of a bucket bath is they can be up to their necks in lovely warm water but use far less than a bath would, with the added advantage the waste water is already in a bucket to pour on the garden.