3 x Essential Oils – Flinders Island Trio


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Three 15ml bottles of essential oils harvested from Flinders Island.

1  x  15ml Kunzea Essential Oil

1  x  15ml Melaleuca ericafolia ‘Rosalina’ 

1  x  15ml Island Blend

Simply packaged in a drawstring organza bag.  Great gift idea.

1  x  15ml Kunzea Essential Oil 

Harvested from Kunzea ambigua endemic to NE Tasmania & Flinders Island, it is particularly fond of granitic soils & outcrops hence Flinders Island hosts an abundance of this amazing shrub.  Common names are: Flinders Island Rock Tea Tree or Tick Bush for its reputation in removing & preventing these unpleasant creatures.

Powerfully anti-bacterial, antiseptic & anti- inflammatory this oil is a must in any first aid kit.  Stops pain & itch from jack jumper bites, effective treatment for cold sores, sore muscles & much more!

1  x  15ml Melaleuca ericafolia ‘Rosalina’ 

Commercially known as ‘Rosalina’ Melaleuca ericafolia is a heady fusion of sweet bush aromas, often referred to as the lavender of the Aussie bush, having similar properties it can be used as an alternative to lavender oil.  Enjoy this beautiful oil in a burner.

1  x  15ml Island Blend

Island Blend is a mix of kunzea, eucalyptus, melaleuca, & leptospermum species with our local boronia adding its distinctive aroma, harvested as it naturally occurs intermingled in regrowth paddocks.  Use in a burner to enjoy the unusual blend of aromas. 

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