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Perfume your car or draws! Design your own soap & create your own bar of ‘Perpetual Soap’ take one 100g Blue Rocks Soaps ‘Soap Pourri’ + 100g of your left over bits of soap that are too small to use roughly chop them up mix with approx 2 tablespoons of water to a moist crumbly texture. You will find this further processed soap gives an extra thick creamy lather & utilizes all unwanted soap scraps resulting in virtually zero soap wastage in the household and minimal product wastage from a a business perspective. So save your soap left overs they contain quality ingredients that are too good to waste & create your own ‘Perpetual Soap’! Great for kids or anyone that wants to experiment. Have fun!


‘Soap Pourri’ imparts a wonderful fragrance to wardrobes, cars etc. and are also used to make ‘Perpetual Soap’.
‘Perpetual Soap’ utilizes all unwanted soap scraps & is:

1. Fun to make & great for kids.
2. Has a creamy luscious lather & looks great.
3. Last for ages & saves money.
4. Minimal wastage of resources & encourages recycling.

‘Perpetual Soap’: a rough guide of proportions:
100g roughly chopped soap bits to 100g of Soap Pourri use approx 2 tablespoon of water to bond together. Mould it into the shape you like leave to dry for a week or two.
Other Ideas For ‘Perpetual Soap’:
Add some oatmeal, aloe vera, extra cold pressed oil etc. or other suitable ingredients available to you. Be mindful of what is beneficial for your skin.
To decorate roll in ‘Soap Pourri’ or stick slivers or pieces of soap on the outside with some wet soap shavings.
Why not Be adventurous & create a sculpture!

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Dimensions 13 x 9 x 4 cm
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