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Roughly copped soap scraps used to make Perpetual Soap bars.

Perpetual Soap, a fusion of chopped off cuts & shavings from the Blue Rocks Soaps range.  Enjoy the extra creamy lather that this further processed soap produces while revealing the unique mosaic like effect that each cake conceals.

Perpetual Soap contains shavings & off cuts from all varieties of the Blue Rocks Soaps range.

Ingredients:  vegetable & cold pressed oils including nut, essential oils, local honey, seaweed & botanicals, some varieties contain muttonbird oil.


You too can make this soap by saving your left over bits that are too small to use.  Roughly chop them up & bind them together using a Blue Rocks Soaps Pourri this is a great way to achieve zero waste while creating your own quality soap bar.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 cm
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