Orange Calendula & Goats Milk


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Relax with the warm & calming influence of Australian Orange Oil a soap bursting with bright orange calendula petals that have been steeped in cold pressed almond oil harnessing the healing soothing properties of these vibrantly orange petals plus local active manuka honey & local goats milk complimenting this luscious mix of ingredients delivering a soap with a rich creamy lather that will delight the senses!

INGREDIENTS: Palm Oil*, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lye (Filtered Rain Water, Sodium Hydroxide), Calendula, Almond Oil, Flinders Island Goats Milk,  Orange Essential Oil, Active Flinders Island Manuka Honey.

*Palm Oil is sourced from sustainable plantations in Malaysia & is pesticide free.




Zest or grate some fresh orange & there you have it the tantalisingly delicious aroma of Australian orange oil, add some local active manuka honey & Island goats milk, with almond marinated calendula petals absolutely dripping with almond oil you & your skin will love it! A family favourite for sure!

Australian Orange Oil-Home Grown Calendula Petals-Flinders Island Active Manuka Honey-Flinders Island Goats Milk


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Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 cm