Flinders Island Black Soap


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Activated charcoal absorbs impurities while active Flinders Island Manuka honey, home grown aloe vera, healing rose hip oil & ‘Ocean Omegas’ omega & vitamin rich muttonbird oil nurture & heal. Extracts of willow bark, comfrey & marshmallow enhance the anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties of tea tree & lavender essential oil. Witch hazel adds a refreshing & revitalising touch, an ideal soap for problem skin.  Some enjoy this soap as a shampoo bar.

INGREDIENTS: Palm* & Coconut Oils,  Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lye (Filtered Rain Water, Sodium Hydroxide), Flinders Island Manuka Honey, Home grown Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal, Witch Hazel,’Ocean Omegas’ Muttonbird Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Extracts of Willowbark, Marshmallow & Comfrey.

*Palm Oil is sourced from sustainable plantations in Malaysia & is pesticide free.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 cm