Soap Pourri

Organza bags of high quality soap shavings good for keeping the cupboards smelling nice, add a few extra drops of essential oil if you wish for some extra oomph. Soap Pourri is a great way to achieve zero waste, don’t toss out those left over soap bits from the shower, save them up & follow the rough guide below to make your own bar of Perpetual Soap.

PERPETUAL SOAP: Kids & adults alike will enjoy creating their own soap bar, feel free to experiment you can’t go wrong if you don’t like it chop it up & try again.

50g roughly chopped soap bits to 50g of Soap Pourri mix in approx 1 tablespoon of water.
You can either mould it freehand or press into a silicon mould, alternatively line a mould with glad wrap for easy removal leave to dry.

It probably doesn’t seem like much water to add, moist crumbly sticks it together better than too wet & sloppy!
You will find this further processed soap gives an extra thick creamy lather. Have fun!