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Calendula officinalis Flowers of sunshine, gorgeous aren’t they! Vibrant yellow & gold. Will marinate the orange petals in almond oil turning the almond oil a rich orange colour ready to use in balms, moisturiser & as an extra emollient in some soaps. Petals are bagged & frozen ready to add to various soaps for colour […]

Quality Soap Shavings/Flakes

Perpetual Soap

SOAP LEFT OVERS from the household, combined with soap shavings marketed as ‘Soap Pourri’ are the basis of creating Blue Rocks Soaps ‘Perpetual Soap’. Utilizing all unwanted soap scraps results in virtually zero soap wastage in the household and minimal product wastage from a business perspective. So save up your SOAP LEFT OVERS & mix […]

Quality Soap Shavings/Flakes

Soap Pourri

Organza bags of high quality soap shavings good for keeping the cupboards smelling nice, add a few extra drops of essential oil if you wish for some extra oomph. Soap Pourri is a great way to achieve zero waste, don’t toss out those left over soap bits from the shower, save them up & follow […]